Unearthing America’s Hidden Gems: The Magic of Monthly Escapes in the US

man and woman sitting on boat overlooking water and mountain

Ah, the allure of traveling! There’s a saying that goes, “To understand a place, you must linger awhile.” Monthly vacations, a growing trend among modern travelers, offer precisely this—the luxury of time. Rather than a whirlwind trip, spending an entire month in a destination allows for deep immersion. The benefits are substantial: economic savings, well-being…

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Understanding the Luxury Vacationer: A Guide for Property Owners

man and woman holding hands overlooking pool

In the vast and varied world of vacation rentals, property owners encounter a broad spectrum of guests. One category of guests that has steadily grown in importance and abundance is the luxury vacationer. Understanding this specific type of traveler is essential for those who wish to cater to the sometimes extravagant and opulent views, furnishings,…

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Suns, Seasons, and Stipulations: The Florida Keys’ Short-Term & Mid-Term Rental Regulations & Best Times to Visit

overhead view of Florida Keys coastline

Ahoy, wanderlusters and sun-chasers! Ready to dive into the vibrant and sun-kissed world of the Florida Keys? This tropical wonderland of islands, with its breezy palm-fringed beaches and margarita-worthy sunsets, is everyone’s dream vacay spot. But before you slap on that sunscreen and float into island time, let’s dish about the nitty-gritty—peak seasons and those…

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Vacation Rental Regulations: A Comprehensive Overview of 2023 So Far

hands typing on laptop with words overlaying

In an era where vacation rentals have proliferated as a popular alternative to traditional hotels and bed and breakfasts, the industry is also seeing a corresponding increase in regulation. These regulations can be broadly defined as the legal parameters within which vacation rental property owners, property managers, and hosting platforms must operate. They are crucial…

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