#BookDirect Day 2024: Maximize Vacation Savings & Educate Travelers

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As we celebrate the 7th Annual #BookDirect Day, it's crucial to shine a light on an often-overlooked aspect of travel planning: the method of booking your stay. Book Direct Day, an initiative organized by VRM Intel founder Amy Hinote, educates guests about the advantages of booking directly with property managers and owners, bypassing third-party booking sites like Vrbo, Airbnb, and Booking.com.

In a world where convenience often leads us to click on the first link in a search, understanding the concept and advantages of booking direct is more important than ever. But what exactly does 'booking direct' entail? Simply put, it means making your travel arrangements straight with the owner or property manager, bypassing third-party booking sites like VRBO and Airbnb. This direct line of communication not only empowers you as a traveler but also unlocks a host of benefits that can transform your travel experience.

The idea of booking direct is not just a trend; it's a growing movement that recognizes the value of personal connection, transparency and security, and mutual benefits for both travelers and accommodation providers. Booking direct should be a key consideration, especially when using services like Monthly Rentals by Owner and American Snowbird leads to a more fulfilling and cost-effective travel experience. 

Understanding the Importance of Booking Direct

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Cost Savings

When you book through third-party booking sites, service fees and additional charges are often tacked onto the final price simply for using these websites. Booking direct eliminates these extra costs, often leading to significant savings. Property managers prefer direct bookings, and they frequently offer lower rates, exclusive discounts, or special packages to direct bookers.

Better Communication

Direct booking allows you to communicate directly with the property manager and its staff. This means any special requests or needs can be communicated effectively, ensuring a more personalized and satisfying stay.

Flexibility and Customization

Booking platforms usually offer a one-size-fits-all approach. In contrast, booking direct opens the door to customizable experiences. Whether it’s a room with a view or a late check-out, direct communication facilitates tailored experiences to suit your needs.

Loyalty Rewards

Many rental properties offer loyalty programs for repeat customers. These rewards are typically only available to guests who book direct, offering perks like free stays, upgrades, or additional services.

Supporting Local Businesses

Booking direct is a great way to support local businesses. When you bypass large booking platforms, more of your money goes directly to the property owner or manager, supporting the local economy.

Why Monthly Rentals by Owner Stands Out

Monthly Rentals by Owner and American Snowbird offers a unique solution to those looking for longer stays, like monthly and mid-term rentals. Some owners and property managers don’t list their properties on large OTAs, like VRBO and Airbnb, due to the high cost and the limitations of longer stays. 

Monthly Rentals by Owner specializes in partnering with homeowners and property managers that offer longer stays, allowing each guest to communicate and book direct without the additional fees or hidden costs.

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Direct Savings

Monthly Rentals by Owner ensures that guests get the best possible rate by eliminating third-party service fees and additional costs. This direct connection can lead to significant savings, especially for longer stays.

Trust and Security

Knowing you are dealing directly with the property manager adds a layer of trust and security to your booking. This direct relationship means any issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently, without the need to contact a third-party support line.

Easily Choose Your Next Rental

Using sites like Monthly Rentals by Owner offers you, as the guest, the convenience and ease of an extended search, getting a large range of properties all over the world, catering to your needs and what you are searching for. The direct connection to the property managers’ websites, saves you time and money while providing you with the experience that you don’t get with other third-party websites.

The benefits of booking direct are clear, offering cost savings, security and support for local businesses. Finding your next mid-term or monthly rental on Monthly Rentals by Owner helps you ensure a more authentic and fulfilling travel experience. Next time you plan your workation or extended vacation, remember that booking direct is not just a choice, but a smart travel strategy and finding your next home away from home with Monthly Rentals by Owner and American Snowbird is key.

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