Optimizing Your Listings to Get the Most Leads: A Comprehensive Guide for Property Managers

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The monthly rental market is becoming an important step and essential tool to maximize rental revenue, rates, and occupancies. To stand out in the sea of properties in today’s competitive market, property managers must utilize every tool to optimize their listings and attract potential tenants. The goal is to generate as many leads as possible, turning prospective renters into secured tenants. That's where a website such as Monthly Rentals by Owner comes beautifully into play with its monthly pricing, terms, and amenities all displayed.

First Impressions Matter: High-Quality Images

First impressions are crucial. The photos you upload are often the first point of contact potential tenants have with your property. High-resolution, well-lit photos showcasing the property's key features can help attract more leads. Consider hiring a professional photographer or investing in quality camera equipment.

Be Descriptive – Do Potential Guests Know What Your Listing & Surrounding Area Have to Offer?

Headlines should be a priority – guests are overwhelmed with options when searching for their monthly rental property and will notice your headline copy first. Include your most unique, compelling attributes. That way you’ll generate the click before the next property does. 

Provide a thorough and appealing description of the property. Highlight the unique selling points, such as location, amenities, and design features. Don’t forget about the surrounding area—mentioning nearby attractions can be a strong selling point. Break it all down in your description – walkability, proximity, local restaurants, golf resorts, walkable shopping, and attractions. Nothing is too big or small to mention.

If your property has a sought-after feature such as a waterfront or mountain view or special amenities like a hot tub or game room, say so in your headline. It’s a bonus to also mention any attractive rates or proximities to events and attractions. 

Are there any amenities included in your complex that you forgot to mention? Amenities such as grilling areas, meeting spaces, beach access, pools, and guest parking for boat trailers and RVs are important to mention in your descriptions. 

Writing with an engaging, relatable tone can help the listing feel more personal and inviting. Utilize storytelling techniques where possible, painting a picture of what life might look like for the tenant in the property.

Competitive Pricing Strategy

Setting a competitive rental price is essential. Research similar properties in your area to understand the market rate for monthly rentals. Overpricing may turn away potential leads, while underpricing could harm your return on investment. A well-priced listing appears fair and attractive, helping to generate more leads.

What Are Multi-Month Discounts & Why You Should Add Them

Offering a small price incentive for guests that book multi-month stays can easily yield longer stays and more bookings overall. These discounts are a unique feature on Monthly Rentals by Owner and can help property managers and owners to earn more money overall.

Properties with multi-month discounts are displayed in a way to draw attention to your listings and encourage visitors to book your property. 

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​​Are Missing Rates Costing You Leads?

At Monthly Rentals by Owner, one of our common phrases is “Are you inclined to buy a car that doesn’t display a price? The same goes to say for your listings!” Guests searching for monthly rentals are seeking a flat monthly rate with no hidden surprises. If there are additional fees, taxes, and parking costs, please display them. 

Rates affect your ranking, and they’re a factor where your listings are displayed within the search. Rates are tied to the available dates and will expire or disappear, so you may not have any displayed at all. Be sure to check on this regularly to ensure your properties are showing to guests who are actively searching.

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Update Your Listings Regularly

Keeping your listing up-to-date is crucial. Regularly check your listing to ensure the information is accurate and current. Remove outdated information and add any new features or improvements made to the property. An up-to-date listing is more trustworthy and engaging.

In an increasingly competitive rental market, property managers must leverage every strategy to optimize their listings and attract the most leads. By implementing these strategies on Monthly Rentals by Owner and in your business, you can improve the appeal of your monthly rental listings, increase your visibility, and ultimately secure more tenants. Successful property management requires consistent effort and adaptability to market trends and tenants' evolving needs.

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